"This is only a one time deal, sweetie."
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"If you've got something to say, go on already-- Otherwise, get the hell out of my face!!"
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universalmaiden has a meeting with the President



" Thanks, your hair’s pretty rad too. " Ramona replied, glad to receive a compliment on the hair change. This time, it was blue with a hint of pink at the bangs. Anything new was pretty cool to her, anyway. This woman seemed pretty rad herself, she seemed to exude authority. She reached into her bag, and pulled out a package which she had been told would go to this address.

" Pretty sure that this is for you. If it’s not, I’ll be on my merry way ‘cause I’m a pretty busy girl. "

"Thanks," she replied with a smile, "Lots of people say it’s dated or out of style. Nice to see someone sees it for how cool it actually is!"

The woman took the package curiously, shaking it slightly. Feeling the weight, she knew it was a new stack of papers for her to deal with.

"Great. More papers… Hopefully Congress got their shit together and sent me the bills I asked for. What a bunch of idiots…”

She signed for the package, and handed the pen back to the girl.

"The guards gave you no trouble coming in, I hope?"

universalmaiden has a meeting with the President

"Oh… I like the hair."

It was the first thing that popped out from the woman’s mouth, as it was the first thing she noticed on the girl in front of her desk. She usually was more formal about first meetings and her choice of words, but her mind was just about everywhere else.

She shook her head, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Sorry, my mind’s a bit far today… Is there something I can help you with?"

jackassmd has a meeting with the President

She was on the phone when she noticed the other in her office. Holding up a finger, she continued to talk to the person on the other line in an annoyed tone.

"Look, I know Camp David may be going through renovations, but I’d like for you to get them done sooner. I need to make plans, and you better start to picking up the pace so I can make them.”

She hung up the mobile phone before the other person was able to speak, and sat it on her desk. She let out a heavy sigh and rubbed the side of her head.


She then peered across the room, remembering the other person, whoever it was.

"Something I can help you with…?"

bloodiedupsaint wandered into coldfront.


Hearing of Marcy’s daughter, her instinct was defensive and anger, reason, yes that reason being Chris… Now her heart stopped, her stomach dropped and her head was spinning. Sure everyone on base knew of Rebecca, but Hewlett hadn’t even know who her father was, ibky a few could have known that. 

"I guess you really do know your shit," the pyro replied still feeling a litle uneasy. A sigh escaping her lips, she reached for another cigarette and its lighter lighing it quickly before placing it between her lips. 

"You actually got some of that wrong though," she laughed with a cloud of smoke surrounding her head. "I gave her up to my would be brother-in-law, cause I found out Chris was dead. I didn’t have much of a chance making a good living for her back home. I work here and send her the money, so she can group up and have fun like a normal child." Marcy voice had changed, and she felt stronger now then she had before speaking about it. 

The Boss pursed her lips, brows furrowed. She had not wanted to bring up such a touchy subject upon someone she had just met… It’s not like she hadn’t done it before, no; but this was different. Se wasn’t a gang leader anymore, she’s was the President. And not only that, death was something she could mildly relate to.

"… I can understand death… Trust me, I can," she said, eyes glued to her shoes, "It’s not something easy, nor does the pain ever really go away… But I am sorry I had to bring such a subject up, Marcy. Really, I am.”

bloodiedupsaint wandered into coldfront.


At first i just started with a snort, but her laughter quickly grew. She rolled back on the couch with her feet handing over one of the arms. “Bullshit,” she said between her laughter. 

Her laughter finally comming to an end, she sat back up looking at the other. “Your just another chick who read my work file, anyone on this base could have told you that.”

Another pause; this time, a mildly nervous one. The Boss didn’t get nervous, but she felt like if she said what she was about to say, it wouldn’t be for the better. But, she really didn’t have much of a choice.

"You had Rebecca Jones-O’Donnel, but two months after, you found reason to give her up… And found out later on… That Chris O’Donnel had died in war… Correct?"

Her words were chosen carefully, and she kept her voice level. She honestly felt bitter, having to speak of death like this.


That Character Had So Much Potential: A Memoir

bloodiedupsaint wandered into coldfront.


Marcy’s head instantly snapped to the other, a smile crawling across her face. “Alright, let me hear it then,” she laughed waiting to her what bllshit was gonna leave the other’s lips. 

President, yeah right, they have never had a female president and if they had, Marcy would have remembered.

"Marceline Christian Jones, daughter of Miranda and Aaron Jones, and sister to Derek Dennise Jones. Born May 30th in Boston, Massachusetts. As of current charts, you stand at 5 foot, 7 inches, and weight 162 pounds, and your history show that you are in and out of depression and have an… interesting addiction."

The woman knew that this was all basic, all routine. She hoped that this would be enough to suffice as prove, without going into the other things she had found.



[TEXT; SMS TO; Sophia.]:

Be lucky I don’t deconstruct your mainframe and the CtOS of Washington D.C. for shits and giggles.

Besides. I’m not the lackey-kind of person.

[TEXT TO: Pierce, Aiden — ACQ]



What? What’s wrong?

Eh, I’d just have Matt and Kinzie do their magic tech stuff or whatever.

And yes, I would assume you wouldn’t be into that type of thing. Then again, I don’t know the ups and downs of people’s weird kinks, nor would I want to.

Wow, food sounds good. Recommendations?

bloodiedupsaint wandered into coldfront.


Sitting on the couch, Marcy barely payed attention to the conversation the other held over the phone. He focus was on the tv and the pet snake that crawled around her neck.  Her small warm fingers ran across the scales down his small spine. 

After a moment or so, the pyro entered the kitchen retrieving a soda and a bag of chips before returning to the living room.

After she saw Marcy leave the kitchen, she returned back to her call, whispering into the receiver.

"What the hell do you mean 1946? There is no way in hell that— Yes, I get that but— No, no, no! It’s impossible! She looks 25 at oldest! … Keith, I can’t make this shit up… Look, look… I’ll figure this shit out later, just tell me a couple things like…"

About ten minutes went by before the woman popped into the room that the blonde was in.

"Alright Marcy, I’ve got your proof."

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